Classic eyelash extensions are achieved by applying one extension to one natural eyelash.  Giving a beautiful natural result that can last 4-6 weeks with the right care.

Say goodbye to mascara and wake up with beautiful lashes everyday!

*Please note the extensions will fall out with your natural lashes as they shed. Lasting results may differ because of this*

Natural Set

A Natural set is a great way to start off your lash journey!  Applying Approx. 40 lashes per eye to achieve a beautiful natural look with a length to suit you!

Medium Set

The next step up from the Natural!  With approx. 60-70 lashes applied per eye, this is an awesome way to get fuller lashes that last longer.

Full Set

Go Glam with a full set!  With 90-100 lashes applied per eye you will get show stopping lashes that will look fuller for longer!  Customized to any length that suits, these lashes will have you hooked!

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